Birth Stories


Charlotte Eve

Let me begin the birth of Charlotte Eve with a brief summary of my first birth. My son Sebastien is now 26 months old. My labour with Sebastien began with my membranes rupturing and was followed by 10... Read More



I started my pregnancy full of fear after having to use fertility treatment to conceive. But when I completed my doula training halfway through my pregnancy my perspective began to change and became d... Read More


Hudson James

How do you start something that honestly has no words powerful enough to describe “one” of the most amazing journeys I have had to date? I guess I could start at the very beginning but that beginn... Read More


Courtney Skye

The story of my VBA2C and the birth of Courtney Skye Cassiani…… Our 1st baby was born in Jan 2005 via emergency c-section for fetal distress, no movements and poor ultrasound results at a daily s... Read More


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